Mining Crypto

Mining Crypto stuff like Ethereum, BurstCoin, Storj, Signatum, Monero, Steemit


Mining Crypto
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Here are your stats:

You can start or stop at anytime but please wait for some accepted hashes before you do.

more and more people started mining

and again - there are some questions that are more likely to be clarified before thinking about mining:

is it worth it to mine cryptocoins? how does crypto mining work? do most crash and burn? what do i need to mine cryptocoins? is mining a waste of energy? why not mine cryptocoins? what´s the difficulty of mining?

there are many aspects to take into consideration from hardware, algorithms, hash rate, power, cost, difficulty and obviously deciding what coin to mine. finding the right balance between the rewards and the effort is ideal. efficiency plays a huge role in mining. ever forget its importance

so you see there´s a lot to ask about this mining crypto world. maybe we´ll find the answers.

little note at the end: coins are mined by users. miner uses a mining program that solves a procedure to release blocks of coins that anyone can use to pay for goods or services.

just stay in contact, have fun and enjoy the day


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