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all dedicated servers / DEDIS are selected out of thousend offers - only best off


Best Cost / Value Offers on Market right now. You wont find better Discounts/Offers, else comment down below-thanks

These Selection is made to earn money with ComputerPowerUnits , so Priorities are: - 1. CPU Power 2. HDD Space 3. RAM 

the only way i can provide and afford these special offers click referal link before you click special offers. thanks


VPS List -> read here

last time updated: 11/11/2017 

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VPS Hotlist - Hosting

Special Offers / Discount Codes

Dedicated Special

We're having a "random specification" dedicated server offer bellow:

 CPU: 2x Intel Xeon L5630 or 2x L5520 or 2x E5620 pr 2x E5520 - HDD: 500GB HDD or 1TB HDD or 450GB 15k SAS or 128GB SSD or 2x300GB 15k SAS
- RAM: 16GB
 Port: 1Gbit/s - IPv4: /29
 IPv6: /64 on request
 Bandwidth: 5TB


Price: €25/mo 

Low budget DEDI

2x L5520 Intel XEON
16 gb ram
4x146gb hdd
10tb/mo traffic


Price: $40/mo 

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